Building kitchen confidence and skills

Cooking with FRAG is a series of special live episodes that aired during the two-year livestream challenge and was then “Re-Booted” after the challenge for an additional 21 episodes.

His motivation for producing this series was to teach viewers the ins-and-outs of using their kitchen.
He prepared a variety of dishes that utilize the basic skills needed for practical food preparation. He has found in his experience that many people are afraid to cook because they just don't know where to start and are worried they will mess things up. His hope is that people will find that cooking is not only fun but economical too.

After watching the episodes he hopes that the viewer will have the confidence to make their kitchen more and more a part of their daily life, as well as to understand that even if they fail, to try again and learn from their mistakes.

Lethalfrag walks viewers step-by-step through the process of preparing each dish so they can follow along and try things for themselves.

Lethalfrag is a classically trained chef with a degree in Culinary Arts. Prior to beginning his 2-Year livestream challenge he spent 7+ years working in professional kitchens preparing all manner of fine cuisine and has experience in every kitchen station and duty. He loves to teach cooking and share practical everyday skills, tips, and tricks that he has learned along the way. His hope is that viewers will come away from the episodes feeling empowered to jump in and go for it in their kitchen.