About Lethalfrag

Lethalfrag is a Livestream Broadcaster on Twitch.tv

He is known for his dedication to maintaining a relaxing and inclusive chat community where his viewers can decompress and get away from the stresses of their daily lives. He has been a full time broadcaster since 2012. Follow him on Discord to be notified when he goes live.

At TwitchCon 2015 he was honored to become the first broadcaster to be inducted into the Twitch Hall of Fame, receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award and acknowledged as the creator and first to complete the 2-Year Livestream Challenge.

He has been video gaming as long as he can remember (it was his reward for completing his school assignments) and spent many years of his youth playing tournament chess on a national level. He has also traveled overseas to South Africa and Asia and extensively throughout the USA.

Prior to becoming a professional livestream broadcaster, Lethalfrag had been cooking professionally for 7+ years. He is trained in Culinary Arts and loves to cook all types of cuisine at home as well as in the professional kitchens he had worked in.

Lethalfrag lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and daughter. They enjoy tending their organic garden where they cultivate a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. They are interested in sustainable soil management and mycology. When the weather permits, they also go like to go hiking on local trails.

His three family cats: James, Winston and Penny are an active part of his streams and can be seen engaging in all manner of antics on the cat jungle that is constructed on the walls behind is streaming area.

All Lethalfrag content, including but not limited to: websites, twitch.tv, YouTube, and merchandise is not intended for children under 13 years of age.